Commercial Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Lodestar provides expert lawyer advice to lessen the burden of commercial decision making. Legal aspects of business need proper commercial legal advice– and that’s where we step in. We are the Big bottle of “Rescue Remedy” (the drops, not the spray), and we work with all types of business on the following legal matters.

General Commercial Advice for Australian Businesses

Need pragmatic commercial advice from someone you can trust? Seek help from our experts. Lodestar offers affordable small business startup consulting services to guide you when it comes to your business decisions. You can trust our experienced lawyers to provide you with sound advice specific to your business. Especially if you’re just starting your business, we can provide value by making you aware of your legal responsibility and help you with your business restructuring, contracts and legal issues you may be facing. That way, you can avoid the headaches and just focus on making your business a success!

Making commercial decisions is risky

One wrong step and your entire business will be at stake. Owners may be mistaken that their understanding of how business works may suffice for creating commercial decisions. Commercial lawyers, however, have the expertise that they earned through years of education and practice that can guide your commercial decisions. The presence of legal experts in your commercial process can prevent you from making an irreversible mistake in business law.

Maximizing Business Success with Lodestar Commercial Lawyers

We can make sure that you comply with business regulation to save you the hassle of legal issues along the way. More importantly, commercial lawyers can assist you in a variety of business aspects including drafting and reviewing documents, crafting employee incentive schemes, buying and selling business, getting legal advice, and many more.

Our commercial lawyers can help you understand the contents of commercial law that are vital for the steps you make in business. We prioritize the legality of your decisions while valuing your rights and obligations as a business owner. Let the Lodestar team provide you with the commercial legal advice that will keep your business on the right track.

Advice on Rights & Obligations under Agreements

Do you know your rights and obligations? Failing to follow agreements might get you in trouble. Because we want to see your business grow, we’re here to save you the hassle of dealing with legal contracts alone. With a lawyer by your side you will be more informed about your rights and obligations which in turn will help you in avoiding breach of contract and guide you with your business decisions. Let Lodestar lawyers lead you to wise contractual obligations in business. As your business expands the more responsibility you get, so make sure you’re on top of these things to avoid issues and financial losses due to negligence. Build competence now in fulfilling contractual obligations from proven and skilled Australian business lawyers.

Intellectual Property Advice

Protect your ideas! We’re here to help you recognize the importance of startup intellectual property protection and inform you what aspects of your business can be protected by the law. Your intellectual property is arguably the most important asset your business has as it is the primary thing that distinguishes your business among your competitors. Protecting your intellectual property also makes you get all the benefits of your ideas and output in full. Some intellectual property rights are automatically protected by law, but you’ll be surprised at how many assets you have that are necessary to be protected, such as your business name, logo and trademarks.

Getting assistance for intellectual property protection is as important as other legal aspects in business. Our group of lawyers will help you become knowledgeable when it comes to intellectual property rights and give suggestions on how to make the most of it. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your ideas with Lodestar Legal.

Advertising and Marketing Advice

Are you aware of legal advertising rules in business? While a few articles and common sense can help, missing a few knowledge of legal vs illegal advertising and marketing won’t be forgiven by the law. Secure legal and general advertising for the efficient run of your business. Get marketing and advertising advice from experienced Lodestar lawyers. All businesses are expected to be informed and comply with advertising rules, so make sure you get your bases covered. In order to get your business into the next level, getting legal advice regarding your advertising and marketing campaigns is important to make yours stand out and unconsciously avoid regulations that could lead to legal troubles and waste your efforts.

We can lead your way to familiarization with legal advertising rules, and we can also make sure that your advertisements don’t contain deception and other issues before you put them up for the world to see to avoid law violations along the way. We can help you with filing and registering your company, inform you with the requirements when it comes to marketing and developing your business, make sure you have picked a proper name and trademark, and most importantly, do the testing to make sure your product and services are honestly presented in your advertising and marketing campaign.

Competition Law Advice

Understand the impacts of competition policy on business. Businesses are required to follow competition policies to make sure that they compete fairly with each other in the market. The more you know the policies, the more you can form better business decisions that are not just legally sound but also maximize the potential of your business. Make sure you know competition policies too in order to protect business. Competition legislation is vital for your business positioning in the market. Let Lodestar direct your business competition strategies with our expert take on competition law advice.

Helping you to understand & manage your legal risks

Learn how to manage your legal risks. Lodestar lawyers can back you up for your legal matters in business by assessing your attitude towards risk and mitigate liability risks in your business. You may not know it, but your business faces several risks on the regular. Knowing these legal risks is necessary for having better decision making skills in business to be prepared for uncertainty and avoid legal consequences that can make you lose property, get into lawsuits and even close your business. We will show you how to understand and define legal responsibility to get your business up to the par.

Advising on the legal aspects of commercial decisions

You don’t need to deal with the legal aspects of commercial decisions on your own. Find a partner for commercial legal advice with Lodestar. We’ll walk you through the commercial law requirements that you need to consider in decision-making. Discover the fundamental aspects of commercial law and execute well-advised commercial decisions from our team of lawyers.

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