How we work


Get in touch

If you phone or send us a message, a qualified lawyer will usually be able to talk to you straight away. Otherwise, we will give you a call back as soon as possible.


Initial discussion

We will discuss your issue in a phone call to see whether we can help you. This won’t take long. There’s no obligation to engage us, but we can’t give legal advice until you become a client.


Book a Consultation

If you have a simple issue, quick question, or you’d like to bounce something off us, book a consultation. Not all matters can be dealt with in this way. See our Terms and Conditions. Send us your query and we’ll let you know.


Our proposal

If your issue can’t be dealt with by a simple consultation, we’ll send you our client documents. These will confirm our charges in writing and explain how we will work with you.


Engaging Us

Once you agree to our client documents, we will start working. This usually involves a review of your documents or the information you’ve provided and an initial meeting to give you advice and practical guidance about next steps.


The best outcome for you

As your matter progresses, we will keep you informed of any unexpected changes so there’s no unexpected fee. We will work with you to reach the best possible result for you and your business.

Would you like to talk to someone now?

Get a quote or book a consultation.

You may not know what you want, or maybe you don’t where to start. Let us help.

How We Charge


Our focus is to provide a value-based experience rather than a time-based one. We don’t believe in time sheets. We’ll do it, but we don’t enjoy it. They’re boring. We are committed to exceptional client care at Lodestar Legal. This includes being open and transparent about our charges and letting you know straight away if our costs may exceed our estimate.

Most of our services are provided on a fixed fee basis. For all other matters, the cost will vary depending on the complexities of the matter. We’ll work with you to find the pricing model that suits your needs. We offer the following:

Pay as you go

A number of clients prefer us to work on a pay-as-you-go basis. For this type of service, our standard hourly rate applies.

Fixed fees

For several things, we can fix our fees for the work we do. We’ll consider the likelihood of additional and unexpected work and give you a fixed cost.

Monthly retainer
Fixed and affordable monthly fee, which provides you with unlimited telephone advice and legal work up to the agreed hours per month. Reduced standard hourly rates apply.