HR Policy Reviews

Employers have legal obligations in the workplace with respect to the health and safety of the employees and the implementation of proper office decorum to avoid unacceptable work behavior including discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying. An employer, and its senior officers, may face severe penalties for failing to comply with work health and safety duties. 

Similarly, an employer can be held liable for failing to take appropriate steps to prevent, or respond to, unacceptable behaviour at work. Admins at the workplace are expected to create strategies to prevent workplace bullying to assure that employees are comfortably performing their roles and capable of building harmonious relationships in the office.  In the same manner, employers must see to it that their people are fit to work with guaranteed health and safety measures. Up-to-date, compliant and relevant workplace policies are super important. They:

  • determine your priorities;
  • analyse the relevant policies;
  • identify those policies that require attention and the areas where revisions are required;
  • update the policies; and
  • train staff on the policies (if required). 

Wondering who should seek workplace legal advice? Companies of all sizes who wish to understand if what they have in place is appropriate, reduce their risk, manage shareholder expectations and improve culture are all welcome to ask for legal advice for work related problems. It is necessary to make sure that HR policies are updated accordingly to take care not only of the welfare of the employees, but also the reputation of employers which may be at risk due to outdated lists of workplace safety policy

HR Policy

How can Lodestar Legal help you review your HR policies? Our expert lawyers can help you complete the ‘current state’ analysis of the HR suite of policies. We can also assist you in identifying the policies that require attention, including areas where revisions are indispensable. In line with our services to help you on how to implement HR policies and procedures, we are open to discuss and confirm your priorities and give you an estimate to undertake the revisions.

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