What We Do

Practice Areas

Such as:

o   General commercial advice

o   Advice on rights & obligations under Agreements

o   Intellectual property advice

o   Advertising and marketing advice

o   Competition law advice

o   General commercial advice

o   Helping you to understand & manage your legal risks 

Advising on the legal aspects of commercial decisions

If you’ve got an agreement, we’ve probably seen it, reviewed it, written it or taken it to dinner.   To give you a rough idea, we’ve drafted / reviewed documents for:


  • Buying and selling businesses.
  • Employee incentive schemes.
  • Employing & Engaging personnel.
  • Protecting / commercialising your ideas, including licensing and NDA’s.
  • Selling and buying goods / services.
  • Setting up Companies – eg. Constitutions, Shareholders’ Agreement. Partnership Agreements, JV’s.
  • Service Agreements.
  • Technology licensing, including SaaS.

We’ve even drafted a Making a Baby Agreement!