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Simone is recognised as being one of Australia’s best lawyers, including having been awarded the 2018 Excellence Award for Women in the Law, 2018 Sole Practitioner of the Year and Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Lawyer of the Year in 2017. Not one to give up the limelight easily, she’s also been named a Finalist for General Counsel of the Year, FMCG Lawyer of the Year, Innovator of the Year and Sole Practitioner of the Year in various law awards between 2017 and 2020. She hopes to win an ARIA next and doesn’t let the fact that she can’t sing or carry a tune deter her from her dream.

Simone is a wildly experienced commercial and IP lawyer with a fascinating background in very senior in-house roles. She has a passion for business, with particular expertise in highly regulated and emerging industries, FMCG, IT, Health and Data Protection.

She’s a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, a Company Secretary, a Fellow of the Governance Institute and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

There’s barely a law been made that Simone hasn’t read, digested and turned into a colour-coded table with matching napkins.

Clients love the care and attention, combined with loads of experience and knowledge, that she brings to every piece of work. You’ll love her too.

With a background of complex international law experience in Sydney, Hong Kong and across Asia, Kristina has serious expertise in the FMCG, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and health industries.

She can tell you everything you need to know about FDA approvals, getting products to market, healthcare, data protection, driverless cars and compliance with legislation in countries such as Kazakhstan.

Kristina is as smart as they come, and commercial too. She’s the complete commercial lawyer and strategist for your business.

Her love of writing in green pen (do they make other colours?!) is on par with her passion for governance, compliance and mitigating risk but if you really want to see her excited, ask her to create the ultimate U2 concert playlist or to tell you about the time she met Bono.

Clients love her and so do we. So much so that we have a team of scientists working on cloning her.

Trish is our employment law and workplace investigations guru.

She works with clients across all sectors, including financial services, media, healthcare, technology, FMCG, logistics, recruitment, education and hospitality.

You name it, and Trish has probably done it, or at least advised on it (and pretended she hasn’t done it).

She’s approachable, pragmatic, straight-talking and doesn’t over-complicate things.

Starting her career in global law firm Baker & McKenzie, she then spent years working within large multinationals advising on all aspects of commercial and employment law.

Businesses love her because she speaks their language. We love her because she’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Damon Baker

Damon Baker

Damon is our client relationship manager. He ensures the office runs smoothly, our clients are happy and the work is delivered on time and with a smile.

With years of experience in sales and marketing, and a stint as a chef at a 2-hatted restaurant in Sydney, Damon brings a different perspective to our team and the way we deliver legal services.

He’s well known around the office for his extensive knowledge of random facts, old man sayings and #dad jokes.

An interesting mix between professional (or so he wishes) gamer, doomsday prepper, social media expert and master chef.

Every office needs a Damon.


We're just a call away

We’re not here to tell you about legal technicalities.

We have a modern and progressive approach to law, our practice and how our firm is run.

Our job is to put ourselves in your shoes, understand what you’re trying to achieve and help you get there.

We’re accessible, down to earth and we speak plain English. No matter what your business needs, we’re just a phone call away.

Legal Fee

Fair Legal Fees

We understand that legal costs are a business risk like any other. Our business is to manage that risk.  We like to agree fees upfront in order to give you certainty on your legal spend. 

Hourly billing has the potential to reward inefficiency.  We don’t agree with that!  


A personal touch

We approach the question of pricing with your specific needs and constraints in mind.

We want to enjoy our work, work with clients with similar values to us, and finish our day with a sense of genuine satisfaction and reward. 

Give us a try. We’re really quite nice. No, honestly, we are!

Personal Touch

Would you like to talk to someone now?

Get a quote or book a consultation.

You may know what you want, or maybe you don’t where to start. Let us help.

We have lots of happy clients. Are you next?

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Refer a client and pay it forward

Help us to pay it forward with the gift of a chicken to families in need. 
If you refer an eligible client to us, we’ll make a donation in your name to www.oxfam.org.au. Terms and Conditions apply.

Fighting Poverty

Oxfam empowers families and entire communities with gifts in the form of practical resources that are needed to lift themselves out of poverty. 

If you refer a person or business to Lodestar Legal and they become a client and spend over $1,000 (ex GST) in the first month of becoming a client, we’ll make a $15 donation to Oxfam in your name. There’s no limit on the number of clients you can refer to qualify but please let us know of the referral so we can name your chicken!

When we make the donation we’ll ask for a chicken, but it’s possible that the money will be used to buy a goat, pig or something else, or to just generally help families grow more food, earn a sustainable income and access clean water and toilets. 

You, Lodestar Legal and Oxfam. Fighting Poverty together.