Received a Letter from the TGA? Here’s What You Should Do

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia plays a critical role in regulating therapeutic goods to ensure their safety and efficacy. If your Company receives a letter from the TGA, it’s essential to handle it promptly and appropriately. Such letters may relate to compliance issues, inquiries or regulatory matters.

Here’s our Top 10 tips of what your company should do if you find one of these letters in your mailbox.

  1. Don’t Delay
    Upon receiving a letter from the TGA, time is of the essence. Do not delay in addressing it. Ignoring or delaying a response can lead to further complications, including potential regulatory actions.

  2. Read Carefully
    Take the time to thoroughly read and understand the contents of the letter. It may contain specific requests, inquiries or notifications regarding regulatory compliance or product safety.

  3. Identify the Type of Letter
    Determine the nature of the letter. It could be an inquiry seeking additional information, a notice of non-compliance, a request for corrective action or other regulatory matters. Understanding the type of letter is crucial for formulating an appropriate response.

  4. Assemble Relevant Information
    Gather all relevant documents, records, and information related to the issues mentioned in the letter. This may include product documentation, manufacturing records, quality control data and correspondence related to the matter.

  5. Consult Legal and Regulatory Experts
    Engage legal and regulatory experts who specialise in dealing with the TGA, such as the lawyers at Lodestar Legal. They can provide guidance on the appropriate course of action and ensure that your response aligns with regulatory requirements.

  6. Draft a Thoughtful Response
    Prepare a comprehensive and well-documented response to the TGA’s letter. Address each point raised in the letter with clarity and accuracy. Ensure that your response is honest, transparent and supported by evidence.

  7. Timely Response
    Adhere to the timelines specified in the TGA’s letter for responding. If you require additional time to gather information or prepare a response, communicate this to the TGA promptly, providing a reasonable timeline for your reply.

  8. Corrective Action Plans
    If the TGA’s letter highlights compliance issues, be prepared to outline corrective action plans. Demonstrate your commitment to resolving the identified problems and preventing their recurrence.

  9. Maintain Communication
    Maintain open and respectful communication with the TGA throughout the process. Be prepared to provide updates on progress, answer any additional inquiries and address any follow-up concerns.

  10. Record Keeping
    Keep detailed records of all communications and actions taken in response to the TGA’s letter. These records may be important for future reference or in the event of further regulatory actions.


Receiving a letter from the TGA can be a significant moment for your business, but it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to regulatory compliance and product safety. By responding promptly, transparently and professionally, and by seeking expert guidance when necessary, you can navigate regulatory matters effectively and work toward resolving any compliance issues to the satisfaction of the TGA.

Any questions, contact our TGA lawyers.

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