As the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world,  Australian businesses are feeling the impact of weakened financial markets and disruption to their operations and revenue due to restrictions placed on the mobility of people and goods

To help you navigate these uncertain times, we’ve assembled a collection of resources to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments affecting Australian businesses and to help you understand your legal obligations.  We’ve also set out a number of ways we can help.


How we can help

Dealing with the implications of Covid-19 on your business can be overwhelming. That’s where we step in.

As an online law firm, we can provide legal advice and assistance to you during this period of social distancing.   We offer:


Fixed Fee Employment advice

As an employer, you probably have a lot of questions about dealing with your employees (reducing hours, changing roles, leave options, redeployment, stand downs, etc) during COVID-19. Our employment lawyers can answer your questions and help you manage through this time.


Fixed Fee Contract Reviews

What are your options regarding suppliers, customers and key stakeholders? Can you not deliver goods/services under your current contractual arrangements? Do you need to vary the terms upon which you do business with certain parties? We can review your contracts for a fixed price, and let you know your options.


Fixed Fee Contract Drafting

Covid-19 has brought to light a number of issues which have never seen the light of day before. As businesses continue to enter into new agreements on a daily basis, there’s a risk that precedent agreements, pro-forma arrangements or your ‘standard terms and conditions’ may not cut it anymore and will leave your business exposed to unnecessary risk.


Remote Working documents

During Covid-19 restrictions and in a post-pandemic world, you may be considering allowing your employees to work remotely on a temporary or ongoing basis. If so, you’ll need an employment agreement that sets out your expectations on things such as suitable workspace in the home, who’s responsible for WH&S, core hours of work, service level requirements and who is to supply and maintain work equipment and appropriate policies that set out what is required from your employees when they are working remotely. We have fixed fee packages and precedents available to purchase so drop us a line.

Let us have a look at your standard agreements and we’ll let you know if anything should be changed. 

Any questions?