Drafting & Reviewing Documents


If you’ve got a legal agreement, we’ve probably seen, reviewed or written ones like it. We may have even taken it to dinner. To give you a rough idea of what we do, we’ve drafted / reviewed documents for:

1. Buying and Selling Businesses

Before you offer to buy a business, you will be needing to review several documents and reports. It is necessary for you to take a look at the company financial report, business licenses and permits, list of liabilities, and other records to check if the business is worthy of your investment. You will also need to prepare and review legal documents for selling a business before you draft a partnership agreement with a potential buyer.

Lodestar can help ease your work in both of these

Whether you are wondering what to do when buying a business or thinking of ways to sell a business, our business lawyers can assist you on the legal details and be your consultant as well when it comes to risk management. 

2. Employee Incentive Schemes

There are many advantages of incentives to employees. It is important that we compensate our employees’ hard work through incentives in order to make them feel appreciated and to boost team morale. A business is only as good as their workers after all. Laying out good employee schemes that your employees would really appreciate is heavily tied to the success of your business. Drafting employee incentive schemes need to be well-laid out. If you have a plan in creating incentives for employees, it is best that you seek the help of professional business lawyers to assist you.

Legal advice on employee incentives

Whether you’re a startup or an established business in Australia, Lodestar can provide your company legal guidance when it comes to employee incentives. We can help you put up your employee incentive program rules that will benefit and guide you with your employer duties and responsibilities.

3. Employing and Engaging Personnel

Most successful businesses are backed with established employee-employer relationships. Everything starts with the requirements for hiring employees. If you are an employer aimed at hiring personnel, Lodestar can help you in drafting legal documents. Let the experienced business lawyers of Lodestar help you in recognizing the importance of terms and conditions of employment and inform you about employer duties and responsibilities to avoid lawsuits and other issues in the future.

4. Protecting/Commercialising your Ideas, including Licensing and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)

Lodestar can provide assistance for your licenses and Non-Disclosure Agreements. Licensing an idea needs legal intervention. Ideas are part of business assets, and so it is a must for owners to make sure that their ideas are protected to ensure that your competitors and other malicious groups won’t be able to use it for their own without giving you credit.

Protect Your Ideas with Confidentiality Agreements

We can also guide you on how to commercialise an idea, and make sure that the ideas you’re trying to own are not yet claimed by anyone else to avoid future conflicts. As your business grows, you’ll have to communicate your trade secrets with more employees and business partners, and so it is important to make sure the ideas shared during these transactions are left confidential. Let our expert lawyers aid you in crafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements to make sure your valuable ideas are protected.

5. Selling and Buying Goods/Services

Lodestar can assist you in drafting sales contracts to establish the terms and conditions of your sale and purchase. Exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers needs legal documents. Sales Agreements define the transaction terms between the buyer and the seller. This contract contains the marketing product description, purchase price, and product warranty among other details that are essential for the common understanding of the buyer and seller on a particular product or service.

6. Setting up Companies

If you are working on your company establishment, you will be needing legal assistance to create partnership agreement, shareholders agreement and constitution among other documents that helps in risk management for startup businesses. We’ll surely be able to guide you in the drafting of legal documents, don’t hesitate to contact Lodestar! Having a consultation with a team of lawyers that you can trust is essential when it comes to protecting your business with future legal issues.

7. Service Agreements

Lodestar business lawyers can provide legal assistance before you purchase a service. The service agreement is an exchange of services contract that lays down the conditions of sale and terms of payment, as well as the privacy and confidentiality policy statement. A service agreement provides the fundamentals for the transaction between a principal and service provider. Your business would need to provide such a document any time you create a business transaction (whether it is a one-time thing or an ongoing one) with the other party.

Protect Your Business with Efficient Service Agreements

To save you the hassle, Lodestar Legal lawyers would be immediately at your service every time you need someone to help you with this. We can help you prepare a service agreement or explain to you what is covered by the service agreement that you need to sign up for. With this, your company would be aware of the scope of the agreement and set the right expectations in your business dealings.

8. Technology licensing, including Software as a Service (SaaS)

With our lawyers’ wide knowledge of technology laws in Australia, we can handle all of your legal concerns related to technology licensing. Aside from giving you guidance when it comes to your intellectual property rights, we can help you draft a licensing agreement that will help you cover all the bases when it comes to your intellectual property before you market them and proceed with expanding your business.

No need to look further if you need to license an idea for SaaS.

Lodestar lawyers can help you craft your technology license agreement for the use of your idea by a third party company. This agreement will provide the scope of usage, rights and obligations of the parties, warranty, and penalties for the technology idea. 

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