Trademark Registration

Secure Your Business Identity with Lodestar Legal's Trademark Services

At Lodestar Legal, we can help you with trademark registration, renewal and many more. Whatever it is about the trademark, you can ask us for legal guidance. We know that your trademark is a vital part of your business, as it gives you legal ownership over your brand. Want to make your brand really yours but a bit lost in the process? Don’t worry, we got you! We can work out the details while you reach the top of your business goals.

Trademark Registration

Lodestar Legal can provide the trademark services that you need for conducting a trademark search, filing, examination, registration, renewal and many more. Our team of lawyers can provide the right legal assistance services that you need if your issues are all about trademarks, not just in Australia but also internationally. Acknowledging it as a vital part of your business, we can show you the way of protecting your trademark to keep legal ownership over your brand. Are you lost in the process of legal business ownership? Loosen up, we got you!

We can work out the details while you reach the top of your business goals. We will help you when it comes to determining whether your trademark meets the requirements to be registered, and help you go through the whole application. We would also make sure to inform and assist you with any legal issue that we encounter along the way.

Trademark Searching

Don’t know where to begin investing for trademarks? It’s a good thing we do. Our trademark search services can help you avoid a brand-threatening situation. Trademark search is a necessary process before registration in order for you to avoid owning a brand that will put your business at legal risk and infringe third-party trademark rights. Trademark search helps you mitigate legal risk that could give you lots of headaches along the way. Trademark filing can be quite strict, and so you need to ensure that your trademark is not identical or similar to any existing ones. This also helps when it comes to creating and bolstering your brand reputation and identity.

Trademarks are representations of your brand that bring you good business reputation, and it’s important to make sure that the trademark that you’ll own is not owned yet by any party, especially your business competitors. This is why it’s important to have a good search team that can help you with it. It is one of our goals to help as much as we can so that businesses, especially the new ones, will have less hassle and obstacles to their brand success.

If you work with Lodestar Legal, you learn the process of securing your business identity while saving the time and effort that a trademark conflict can cause you. We’ll make sure to do a thorough search to check possible identical trademarks, down to the words or taglines and colors. We will make sure that your trademark is unique and yours only!

Filing a Trademark

How do you maintain a business after spending lots of time and money in putting it up? One thing you should not forget is to protect it properly—which you can do by following the right trademark application process. When you file for a trademark, that is where we come in. You don’t need to add up to your worries in handling your business by having to understand the trademark application on your own. We will help you with  the process of trademark filing while minimizing hassle as much as possible.

We’ll walk you through the necessary steps and inform you of your requirements and obligations when it comes to owning a trademark. There are Lodestar expert lawyers who can provide the legal assistance that you need. Let us help to guarantee that you and your business have the best possible strategy and protection.

Trademark Examination

After filing your trademark, it will undergo trademark examination. Trademark examination can throw up simple issues or highly complex ones. You might get into back and forth correspondence with the examiner that could take a lot of time just to convince them that your trademark should be accepted. Especially if you’re not used to this, the whole process might even cost you more stress, time, and money if you don’t have someone beside you who can lead the way for a successful trademark registration.

You need to have the appropriate set of people to guide you in protecting your business. Why not just spend your time focusing on expanding your business while we take care of the rest? We’ll help you manage the process and prepare the right response to address any pesky exam reports that come your way. We can help you conduct a trademark check without much hassle and make sure that you can successfully own your trademark without legal risk. We’ll do our best to get your trademark accepted!

Trademark Renewals

Trademark registration is your ticket to coolness. Having your trademark registered ensures that it’s yours and yours only! No one can stop you now from reaping the rewards of your trademarked business! Aside from bolstering your brand reputation and identity and introducing your business clearly to your potential clients, registering your trademark as soon as possible will also save you lots and lots of legal issues along the way.

Get it done with us, then sit back, use and enjoy your registered trademark rights, while we take care of renewals to maintain your Fonzie Status. Less trouble, more legal protection. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance stuff while you take over the world as we will regularly keep in touch and notify you of trademark issues and renewals. The trademark is yours to own, the legal assistance is ours to handle.

Trademark Opposition, Infringement & Protection 

Some competitors might misuse or claim your trademark as their own. This will be bad for your business as this will hurt your brand reputation and mislead your potential clients. Like a bad case of the flu, these issues can create headaches and cold sweats. They can be complicated, stressful and expensive. Don’t tackle these issues alone. Sick people ask for the help of doctors, and legal issues call for expert lawyers. Lodestar is always up for taking on these kinds of disputes to help you work out your trademark application process. Let’s work together to turn these challenges into opportunities, and help you focus on your business while we work on the legal matters. We will make sure to enforce your rights to your trademark and other business property, and make sure to help you deal with opposition claims.

International Trademark Protection

International trademark protection is important for businesses who want to gain global presence and competitiveness overseas. If you want to expand from Australia and get big overseas, don’t delay on protecting it internationally, someone else may take it! You may have the protection that you need in the country where you currently operate, but going across the borders is something different.

Making sure that your brand is protected internationally could be more tedious and imposes a lot of legal risks, but you don’t need to worry because our team of lawyers will help you go through the whole process of international trademark protection. Include us in the process and we’ll show you how to make sure you get the same trademark rights that you enjoy wherever you decide to run your business. Become the next Dr. Evil and let us help you take over the world!

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