Don’t know where to look or what you’re looking for? It’s a good thing we do. Our trademark searching services can help you avoid some potentially brand-threatening issues.

Filing a Trademark 
Why spend lots of time and money setting up a business and then not protecting it properly? Filing a trade mark application is one thing. But filing the right trademark application, is where we come in. Let us help to ensure you and your business has the best possible strategy and protection.

Trade mark examination can throw up simple issues or highly complex ones. We’ll help manage this process and prepare the right response to address any pesky exam reports that come your way.

Registration & Renewals 
A registered trademark is your ticket to coolness. Sit back, use and enjoy your trade mark rights, while we take care of renewals to maintain your Fonzie Status.

Opposition, Infringement & Protection 
Like a bad case of the flu, these issues can create headaches and cold sweats. They can be complicated, stressful and expensive. Don’t tackle these issues alone. Let’s work together to turn these challenges into opportunities.

International Protection 
Become the next Dr Evil and let us help you take over the world!

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